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Rustic :: snkmchnb User snkmchnb
i had originally wanted to do a bsetroot with the brownish-red gradients but this wall goes really well with what i came up with.. mostly because i used it to make the style :P 
Shell blackbox
Style Rustic by snkmchnb (
Wallpaper Wallpaper: rust by d. aerno :: 

thewayofzen ooooh. excellent gradients that multiply the sunken effect bunches. works great with the wallpaper.. another snkmchnb masterpiece!
snkmchnb /me grins =D
skwire Woooo...lovin' the coppery colours. =]
clovemagic I love this style. Copper rocks!
Pitkon One of the best uses of brownish colors I have ever seen... Magnificent work, snk!
Pitkon And r u really still using bb4w?
snkmchnb skwire,clovemagic: thanks :) Pitkon: thanks :D yup, still useing bb4win.
Pitkon No new style syntax, then...

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