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Shell Nix Box
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Pitkon Very nice style, this one! And GANT icons have found their niche here... Why don't u upload the style?
wickedlester I thought I had uploaded the style. This always happens from my nix box, don't know why. You can get the style from here
Pitkon OK, thanx :)
auto Nice work. =]
thewayofzen I can tell you why the style does not upload from your unix box. you are omitting the style information at the top of the style. If you do not include the info that a typical bb4win style uses to inform the ABOUT STYLE portion of your menus.. the scripting here on boxshots ignores the fact that astyle is attached all together. If you take the time to include that stuff in your style .. whether its even applicable to the style -> cause its not in NIX.. it will upload properly. Basically fix the style template you are using to include that stuff. Ive tested this with a NIX style of my own creation. With and WITHOUT the info in question and its a correct assomption that i was able to figure out as an admin. NO STYLE INFO at the top of the template MEANS NO UPLOAD :)
wickedlester Thanks thewayofzen :D It is not a matter of me not having time to include it. I just didn't know it was needed. I started with a templete for bb 0.70 and I assume it wasn't in there. I will include it on my future styles. Sorry :-S
clovemagic This is a simple style, but it looks smashing! :-D

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