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OSXBoX :: M4uR1g10 User M4uR1g10
Let's "Mac-up" our little box!!! :D 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style OSXBoX by M4uR1g10

Pitkon Beautifully done! U could also use some interlace on the inactive window for more realism... After setting the border color to light blue, of course... :)
qwilk Are "interlaced" bitmaps still used in Tiger?
Pitkon Good question... They ARE interlaced in our memory as a Mac thing... :D
M4uR1g10 I already tried to use interlace on inactive window but i didn't like the result so i preferred to leave it as it is. ;)
Nightbreed very nice... Im wondering how tcl could be used to do a topbar menu now... I think I'll try to come up with something ;)
M4uR1g10 thanks Nightbreed! By the way...what is tcl???
Nightbreed TCL is an open source scripting language. Check out some of the threads over at lost in the box.. There's some really cool projects and a tcl plugin for blackbox.
Nightbreed Tell you what M4uR1g10, once I finish the mac style bar I'll make it avail for download. You can grab it and use it as a base to practice some tcl scripting. I'll post it in the forum as a new thread so you can post questions as you go
M4uR1g10 wonderful!!!
Nightbreed I'm almost done with the menu system... for the most part it's almost done. I'll be uploading the package in a bit
M4uR1g10 I can't wait! :D
c0ff1 i'm a mac guy... not real big on windows. i installed bb4win and am running this script but it looks very little like that picture, are there other things i need to change? i added the background image of my choice but it doesn't look the same at the bottom in my dock or up top in the topbar menu... help?

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