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Dark orange? :: Wenli User Wenli
nothing special.i decide to post it just because i've wasted too much time on it.I must do something to comfort myself(:P). I tried many ways to suit this wall but none of them could satisfy me.Maybe this one is still not good enough.but i give up.3DC is incomplete,it looks terrible to fill whole screen with black&red. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style dark orange? by OCG
Wallpaper GA Graphic products,u can find them everywhere 

Pitkon I think the style suits the wall very well - u can comfort urself knowing this is good! :)
Nightbreed I too think the style fits the image... always remember, if an image doesn't fit a style at first, just use a bsetroot gradient effect with a hue and sat mod over the image...
Wenli thank u very much,Pitkon:) and sorry to all,i posted it twice:( Will the administrators del the second one? this is my first submit, i didn't notice the note after submitting,sorry again
Wenli thx a lot for the advice,Nightbreed! when watching ur shots,i always think,yeah,i'm still a newbie of boxes^_^
clovemagic I think you did a great job on this, Wenli. And welcome.
Pitkon It's ok, Wendi, I deleted the second one...
thewayofzen email me this wallpaper?
m i want to make a gtk theme for it!
Nightbreed newbie or not Wenli, you made a debute with a nice style.. keep up the good work
Malnilion Very nice, I wish my first style was this good!
thewayofzen gimme the wall geeez!
Nightbreed Hey Zen, Im not sure when you'll get the wall, but go here link Im sure the wallpaper is posted there somewhere, however there's a great selection of other images as well
thewayofzen NB: holy crap ill be dead before i find it in that site! there are some cool things there but its flooed with pictures of nerdboys at cons.. lol
Nightbreed lol... I've noticed.. but I'll save you the trouble, that particular image isn't there...
Wenli thank to all,really,i never imagined it deserved a so warm welcome^_^Thank u everyone! oh,thx,pikton,sorry for my carelessness:) thewayofzen:Sorry for the delay.i've been offline till just now.Check ur gmail please.Wish i didn't send a wrong mail. and u can find the others there.I think i saw this link here before.
Wenli the link
thewayofzen wenli rules..thanks for the wall bud!
Nightbreed Yeah Wenli, thanks for the link in general. Nice images at that place
Pitkon I avoid links with art I can't ger permission for... :D
cBass Hey nice setup and very clean cool style. Nice to see a Japanese BlackBox user! I lived in Japan for about 2 years and I cant wait till I can go back. I hope to see more submissions from you! じゃね
Nightbreed Pitkon, that's understandable when distributing the wallpapers... as far as person desktop setups, there's nothing wrong with using the images.. :-p Besides, I think everyone's learned from the smurple incident... haha
Wenli After all,i think u r right,Pitkon.So i did when i posted the style.Then i gave a link that was found just from here.But i'm afraid it doesn't become reasonable by doing this.i will pay more attention next time. cBass:Thank u,and nice to meet u.But it's not a japanese desktop.Yes,I'm an ordinary ACG fan just like others all over the world,my friends even say i'm an otaku,but i'm from China. My hometown is Qingdao,which is the Olimpic co-host city for sailing events.Welcome everyone! BTW,cBass,in China, we say "再见" -zaijian when parting.It may be useful if u have a chance to China in 2008;)
kmav I cant find this wallpaper anywhere! Help plz!

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