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Sz desk :: esserstein User esserstein
Clean & access 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Blackbox 
Wallpaper rainy_day_in_sunny_june_1280x960 

Pitkon Very nice setup! And I liked the wall ever since I saw it used for Obsidian, the Litestep theme (still using LS on my other box after all these years... lol)
esserstein Thanks! Posted it right before changing the wall tho cuz i've had it for over a month now. Whatever i try i keep coming back to this style, perfectly clean and as a bonus the nice fit with Winamp's monodark scheme. Looks real tidy on my laptop's tft too.
Pitkon Looks extra tidy on my 22'' CRT! :D
iMagin³ Awesome!!!

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