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kiwi :: ArthurDent User ArthurDent
Ok, so I switched to bblean because I was having trouble getting xoblite to switch the bevelWidth for some reason, and it was driving me nuts. :-(

I love the colors here. Makes me feel 10 degrees cooler. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style kiwi by ArthurDent
Wallpaper deviantart: Kiwi_Fruit_by_scarlet_rain.jpg 

Pitkon Nice style for a nice wall! Cooler indeed :)
jimmy Nice shot ArthurDent... ;)
Malnilion I love the style :) What do you mean by bevelWidth, though? If you're having problems with a style in xoblite, you should let our good buddy qwilk know about it ;)
ArthurDent Whenever I changed the bevel width setting in the style, it never took effect.. I even tried setting it some something bizzare like 32, and nothing happened.

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