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Fiery :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Fiery by pitkon
Wallpaper Tech Whore (one of the incarnations) 

oldskull hey Pitkon, how come u have a big caption bar?
oldskull ah, I got it. the font size..
Pitkon AND the fontweight, oldskull... :)
freeb0rn Very, very sexy.
freeb0rn colorscheme reminds me of my Silver2DarkRed style. :)
Pitkon Thanx, freeb0rn. BTW, why don't u upload Silver2DarkRed here? (hint, hint...)
dubox yeah, i like styles with deaddreamers' wall.... i think u uploaded a incorrect style file, pitkon.
Tres`ni Very nice! Looks awesome!
Pitkon Dubox: U r absolutely right, I uploaded ancient city... Sorry, guys... Trying to find a way to correct this... Tres'ni: Thanx! :)
Tres`ni Style file has been updated so it's actually Fiery now :)
Pitkon Aaaah, thanx, Tres'ni... Now I owe u more than one...:)

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