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2015-02-17 06:45
Welcome back, Winktorion. The official site now is link

2015-02-15 18:15
Man, I just returned to view my old desktops. It's been eight years!

2014-12-08 00:08
Just installed bblean, its 2014 - fuck windows activation.

2014-09-29 01:59
rc2 of mojmir's BBZero 1.18 has been posted for testing link

2014-06-14 13:34

2014-06-01 23:59
Keep visiting here, can't help it... The memories, the memories...

2014-05-03 23:03
Anon, come and join us on link the new Blackbox site and post your query there...

2014-05-03 04:37
So I come here for help because I just can't seem to figure out how to use bbkeyhook, a plugin for the blackbox shell bb4win (I'm using bblean) Anyway: Here's the instructions : All keyboard keys are represented by a VK code. Some manufacturers use different VK codes for special keys, like 'mute' than others. In order to cater for this BBKeyhook as a config mode that you can put it in to by changing the rc setting to 'True'. Once in this state it reports the VK code and Hardware Scan Code of any key you press by displaying it in the BB4win toolbar (make sure the toolbar is visible). AND the script BBkeyhook.plugin.ConfigMode?: False BBkeyhook.plugin.volumeStep: 1 BBkeyhook.plugin.key1:172 BBkeyhook.plugin.scanCode1:50 BBkeyhook.plugin.command1: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe BBkeyhook.plugin.key2:180 BBkeyhook.plugin.scanCode2:108 BBkeyhook.plugin.command2: C:\Documents and Settings\christopher.plant\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office\Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 BBkeyhook.plugin.key3:171 BBkeyhook.plugin.scanCode3:102 BBkeyhook.plugin.command3: @BBmuse_toWinamp WM_COMMAND 40048 BBkeyhook.plugin.key4:162|171 BBkeyhook.plugin.scanCode4:*|102 BBkeyhook.plugin.command4: @BBmuse_toWinamp WM_COMMAND 40044 BBkeyhook.plugin.key5:181 BBkeyhook.plugin.scanCode5:109 BBkeyhook.plugin.command5: C:\Program Files\musikCube\musikCube.exe BBkeyhook.plugin.key24:173 BBkeyhook.plugin.command24: #MIXER.MUTE# BBkeyhook.plugin.key23:175 BBkeyhook.plugin.command23: #MIXER.VOLUME.UP# BBkeyhook.plugin.key22:174 BBkeyhook.plugin.command22: #MIXER.VOLUME.DOWN# Now, the Keys I need to press are BOTH the fn keys (VK:255, SC:120) and the up arrow (VK:38, SC:72) Could anyone please help? I'm at the end of my rope.

BSD Flux?
2014-04-27 12:30
PC-BSD Lumina Desktop Quick FAQ: link

BSD Flux?
2014-04-25 11:28
PC-BSD dev working on Fluxbox-based desktop environment? link link

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