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2014-03-05 15:04
@ Adrift: Must be your browser bc there is a header on the top/left of this page labled Menu and under it - Submit, Screenshot.

2014-03-05 15:03
@ Hi: bbMien was hosted on Lost in the Box which was taken down by mean ppl and everything on it was, erm... lost. Check the new forums Pitkon links below for current alternative bb shell builds.

2014-03-03 18:34
I don't see an area to sign up and submit. Is my browser off?

2014-02-28 05:07
where can I find the last version of bbMien since the website is down

2014-01-30 22:21
So happy to see this site up again! We have created a new forum/news/uploads/downloads site link You are all welcome!

2013-12-31 02:39
Happy New Year!!

2013-11-03 11:08
In bbleanbar.rc, like all plugins. You can even disable the whole plugin for getting rid of distractions. And maybe kill blackbox.exe process, this should achieve the highest of minimalism, letting you concentrate on facebook/4chan rather than work.

2013-10-27 20:03
Can someone tell me how to disable the circle on bbleanbar? Aswell as the task tray icons? I'd love it. Thanks.

2013-10-12 12:24
@junk may be weird, may be outdated but still the largest repository of styles that I know for the mswindows blackbox desktop. Moreover boxshots is smell the original soup with some of the cooks that come here from time to time and this statement doesnt discredit the da group. BS is just something else and hope not dying like evrything else

2013-10-12 12:10
you should!

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