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2012-11-09 10:29
new to blackbox - i haven't really found a good source for plugins/addons but i see them in tons of screenshots - any tips?

2012-11-07 09:52

2012-11-06 19:02
Whoever replied to me, thanks a lot! You're awesome.

2012-11-06 12:06
I really do not understand why anyone uses Chrome, especially the more art-conscious blackbox users. It looks like it's designed for kids with it's baby blue frame, lack of sharp contours and not fitting with the rest of the system.

2012-11-06 12:00
Hi. I do not think the author has posted it, but you can find more of his styles and maybe contact him here link

2012-11-06 11:59
@pitkon: ok, just thought it's yours

2012-11-05 22:42
Hello everyone, I'm new at this black box thing but I'm really liking the customization options. I saw one screenshot that really catched my eye but I don't know where I can download that theme or if it even exists. Here is the screenshot: link

2012-11-04 01:03
Well, I think I've tripped across an odd issue. Chrome simply doesn't draw some pages under BBLean, but works just fine under Explorer. A friend pointed out the first I saw it, (runescape of all places). Anyone have any tips on where to start?

2012-10-31 08:54
That i not by me, Raj, it is by a guy who tried my theme and needed some info.

2012-10-30 12:15
the one you posted: link

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