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2012-02-08 06:48
Glad you are glad, residentgrey! What flavor are you using with your 7?

2012-02-06 06:37
Glad to see everything rolling! Got my win7 lookin nice already!

2012-01-29 05:25
bbleanskinmod 1.16u claims to be 64bit compatible in the readme link

2012-01-27 15:05
looking to reinstall bb, can someone point me to a 64bit leanskin download? can't find it anywhere :(

2012-01-18 07:51
Oh, and I wasn’t the one who created Blackbox. Thank goodness there are developers to whom we owe a lot.

2012-01-18 07:49
Yes, this is a resolution issue. As I note in my comments, my desktop configurations are for resolutions of 1920X1080 or higher. Open bbinterface.rc with a text editor like Notepad and look for the line @BBInterface Control SetWindowProperty SystemFrame X 1830 Change 1830 to 1200, save and restart. The frame will appear on the right side of your screen. Click on the bottom of it (under AUDIO) and drag it wherever you want to place it.

2012-01-17 08:01
I have one more ask. I see that u use higher resolution (my 1360x768). I use your theme and I can't see buttons on the right side of desktop. Is that prob with resolution or what? Btw sorry for my english :) btw2 bb is my favourite shell. Thank you that u made it :)

2012-01-15 03:19
@ Novy: All my themes are downloadable from link Thanks for asking!

2012-01-15 02:28
Hey Pitkon. Is it possible to download your theme?

2012-01-14 04:41
Hey, NC-17, how good to see you again!

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