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2017-12-29 15:52
Been a long time.. to any of you who happen to wander through here and feel like checking in feel free to email me at delaneyfearon AT gmail DOT com. I miss you dudes. Have a great upcoming 2018

2017-10-25 06:06
The bb4win site seems to be broken. I cannot create a new account to save my life. I've spent a lot of time in this place but never contacted anyone. Now i'm feeling this need to be part of that. Cheers.

2017-08-19 15:33

2017-04-25 22:56
Can't stop visiting this site... The memories, the memories... Hope all of you, my old friends, are fine. Most of us are on now, but if the rest of you ever visit here, remember I miss you and I'd love to see you on our new site. Bless you all!

2016-08-09 09:45
Hey, krazyone, join us on link

2016-07-23 10:13
Wow! The site lives on, came back to see a few of the styles I used to do. And the site is still alive, a true repository of Great Memories.

2016-03-21 09:02
good to see yall still kickin, hit me up on fb @ this username

2016-02-16 11:04 seems to be down. Does anyone know anything about that?

2015-12-10 23:27
Hey, oldskull! How are you, old friend? Why aren't you with as on link yet? And yes, I still use BB (the latest 2015 build) in Windows 10 :) Come aboard, it will be my absolute pleasure!

2015-08-22 13:33
Wow! I dont believe it this thing still happening! Are you still using bb4win Pitkon?

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