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Community Styles Challenges 2005-01-22 02:09:03
not too long ago there were 5 styles done based off of the same wall. one was done by fatman, thewayofzen, blockhead, Ygo, and myself. anyway, there is a category on the forums, , just for that specific purpose. walls can be posted for challenges, currently there is a gmail account being given away to the winner.
Comments: 14 story link by: snkmchnb

el capitan or you can just ask me for a gmail account. i got 9 of them to give away
snkmchnb i've got quite a few myself seing how i have 2 gmail accounts :P
Tres`ni I had 5 to give away so I figured until I can get the new domain, it would have to work ;P
thewayofzen ive got close to 24 spread among three accounts if anyone needs em
snkmchnb jesus zen!
Rev I've six myself.. ~l~
Rev Invites, that is. Not actual accounts. ~lol~
ZenLC Geeez - I gues I was like the last person in the universe to get a gmail account (thanks juztin!).
Malnilion I've got ten or so myself
Herbalist lol I have NONE :)
Chadza And I've got 50 if anyone wants one. Google just decided they love me for some reason.
Herbalist Well since you have 50 of them are in the mood of giving them away.....I will surly take one. :)
Edgeman Yeah I've got 50 too...
Fantawttw First one gets it link

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