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bbFooman 1.0 2007-06-05 16:36:34
Meet RustyNail, no, not the guy from Joyride [which I thought blew chunks btw], but the develop of the newest addition to the plugin family: bbFooman. Much like bbBroamTunes for iTunes, bbFooman allows you to control Foobar 2000 through broams, excellent for use with bbInterface!

Straight from the horse's mouth:
1. Has no GUI elements. You can create you own using BBInterface. Or not use GUI at all (use only Bro@ms);
2. More faster! I wrote also plugin for foobar2k and this is better then to give commands through command line as in bbfoomp.
3. Besides standard actions it can also show Open, Add, AddFolder dialogs; change volume; seek current track; show title of track, formated as you want (see titleformat_help.html in foobar2000 folder); change track order (shuffle, repeate one, repeate all); start, show, hide or exit foobar2k.

Download here, the forums, or the xoblite Plugin page!
Comments: 3 story link by: Tres`ni

ArthurDent This is cool! Bbfoomp has been annoying me lately, so I'll have to try this out!
ArthurDent I tried it and it works pretty good, I just need little bitmaps for my buttons so I don't have to have a button that says "play"...
Tres`ni BBInterface allows bitmap'd buttons

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