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BBInterfacemod_iTunes 0.9.9k9 2007-05-08 14:16:04

  • Add Clock agent

  • Add System Information agent (Hostname, Username ,etc...)

  • Graph & AutoScaleGraph : Add chart color option [requested from Stampid]

    (Options - Custom Chart Color & Chart Color)

  • AutoScaleGraph : Add "Auto Scale" (On/Off) Option [requested from Stampid]

    (Option - AutoScale - Enable Auto Scale & Max Range)

    Uncheck "Enable Auto Scale" option and set "Max Range" value, you can determine the range.

  • Slider : Support custom style and add new style options

  • Change "Text Shadow" Option

    • delete "enable shadows" option from Global Option section

    • Inherit style's Text-Shadow settings (bbClean, bbLean mod[070421 or later])

    • add "Shadow Color" "Shadow X/Y" settings in 'Style - Custom' section

  • Bug fix for advanced agents not rendering on style change

Download here.
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BBKeyhook 0.62b 2007-04-23 08:36:12
Kaloth has returned to grace us with an update to BBKeyhook! Adding GDR+ modifications into the mix, Kaloth has also improved multi-key combo support with key order enforcement. So now Space + CTRL is not the same as CTRL + Space.

Download here
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bbLean_mod 070421 released 2007-04-21 22:35:15
nocd5 has updated bbLean_mod. "Small bug fix" and also an update to bbLeanBar_mod to set maximum task label width.

Download here
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bbFlashSlit 0.0.2 2007-04-19 15:28:22
An update from thomas88 to this flashing window notification plugin. He's added in a new way of getting application icons in an attempt to resolve the ghost flashes boxes as well as adding a Flash Interval option to the menu.

Download here.
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bbDeskMinimize 0.0.3 2007-04-13 16:38:23
Carsomyr has released the latest version of bbDeskMinimize, the minimize to icon plugin. New in the build are a no caption option and icon placement options, as well as some bug fixes.

Download here
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