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bbStyle3dc 1.0 2007-06-28 17:05:24
unkamunka has released his mashup of BBStyle and BBColor3dc which he calls, bbStyle3dc 1.0. It's got a feature list longer than my arm (which are pretty long) and is looking for a few good alternative shell users to give it a whirl!

Check out the release announcement and full list of new and updated features here with a download to boot!
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bbIconBox v3.2 2007-06-28 17:02:45
xs3 has update bbIconBox v3 with (as he calls it)
"move threshold" to de-sensitize drag detection

Still bbLean only :-(

Download here
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bbFooman 1.0fixed 2007-06-28 17:00:15
RustyNail has update bbFooman to take care of some memory issues that came to light.

direct link
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Blackbox Menu Editor 2007-06-17 23:23:34
spamrat is back with a new version of Blackbox Menu Editor. This program makes editing the menu.rc file easier then making pancakes (or cereal for that matter.) And with this latest release come new goodies such as an external menu definitions file, so new additions to menu syntax no longer require a whole new version of the program.

Give it a whirl here.
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bbBroam 0.01h 2007-06-17 23:20:50
unkamunka has released a new update to bbBroam making it again compatible with xoblite. Dubbed 0.01h it is functionally the same as 0.01g which works for the bbLean branches, with the xoblite offending line of code commented out. Find the download and more information here.
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