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force :: frantic User frantic
The style wasn't made to match the wall - the wall was just nice and green enough to go with it.
If the font looks bad for you, you're probably using an outdated glisp font, and you should download the one that qwilk fixed from desktopian. 
Shell xoblite
Style force by frantic (
Wallpaper Signos by Essorant 

El`Critic nice style,like the colors, mmmm hod do u make ur bbicons do not look square, is it a feature coming with the next xoblite?
oldskull I had downloaded the new fonts pack from qwilk site, but its still not fixed on my computer. :(
multifate tell us the secrets of bb2 of xob! tells us precious!
frantic Oldskull: you have to install fonts by going to control panel, fonts, and then "install fonts". Before that ERASE the old gelly, glisp and glisp bold fonts. Then it should work. Multifate: The One That Crafted The Shell of Power (qwilk) is the only one who can tell you that (:
oldskull frantic: the fonts works now. thanks. :) Anyway I have tried the same before but nothing work. :P
Pitkon Great work, frantic. I like the way u play with greens. It matches the background very well...

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