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Advent :: Inauro User Inauro
Not sure about this one, hence the lack of a style file. Feedback appreciated.

Wall available from Advent Children wallpaper available from link
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Advent 
Wallpaper Untitled 

snkmchnb :) i love ff
Arc Angel Post, post, post..... ;)
multifate yea post style ;p
Inauro Ok, since people have kindly said they link the style i'll upload it if one of the admins would be ok with me emailing it to them. snkmchnb: that ok with you?
snkmchnb send it over and i'll upload it :)
Inauro Thanks, style file on its way ^_^
Vash the Stampede I can't wait for both Advent Children and the style :)
kos55 can u upload me a copy of it? thanks
Pitkon As usual, I like ur style, Inauro - jargonwise and else... :)
Inauro I've emailed the style to snkmchnb just waiting for him to attach it to this post.
multifate zZzzZZZ

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