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Winamp-vs-bbWinamp :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
I posted this screenshot, because I saw a post in the forums about a winamp that could take on blackbox themes. So I created a Winamp with bbInterface ;-) This script I will be releasing to anyone who wants it. This on will be before the Amarok one however.
The top player is the bbInterface script and below that is the actual Winamp. So far all the options are there other then double size and shade mode.. but Im working on that one :-D

Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style flat windows 
Wallpaper n/a 

Pitkon Excellent work, breed! And of course I'd like to try this one, if I may :)
Nightbreed Thanks Pitkon, is there any place I can upload this to to make it avail?
Pitkon U can ask qwilk. Or I can upload it on my page link with a style of mine
Nightbreed cool, it's been sent
snkmchnb Nightbreed: i can upload it to boxshots later when i get home from work.
Pitkon Mail received, thanx breed. Check ur e-mail for some probs...
clovemagic So you haven't abandoned BB afterall. ;) Impressive work. Nice to see you back, NB.
Nightbreed Thanks Snkmchnb, I'll upload the file soon as I work out the probs with Pitkon. And no, I couldnt abandon BB Clove.. it's too fun to play with.. :-P and thanks, good to see you too
Nightbreed I never recieved an email Pitkon. try sending it to this address.. Click my name
Pitkon Just saw this, breed... OK, I'm resendig,,, But I didn't get my earlier mail back, which means it must be there somewhere... :)
Pitkon I got a failure notice on this one... It isn't written, I guess... Did u get the other mail?
Malnilion What a cool BBInterface script :)
Nightbreed doah... sorry here it is once more...
Pitkon OK, resent, didn't bounce, so u must have it...
Pitkon Breed, I replied twice to ur e-mail. Didn't u get comments and screenshot? U gotta do something with ur mail service, man... lol. Problems solved...
Nightbreed Yeah Pitkon, I replied back For all else who wants the script it's located here link
Pitkon I still didn't get anything... Anyway, I was talking about credits, links to any site u need, and/or e-mail addy. Try to write again... :D

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