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My Desk :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Just a work in progress... Much more to follow after I get permissions from all interested parties... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style My Desk by Pitkon 

Malnilion When will we finally see how you are doing these cool bars? That thing at the top is making me go o.O
freeb0rn classic pitkon! Huge, smooth and sexy.
Nightbreed Now that's hot Pitkon. Great work
Herbalist What plugin are you using for the Volume Control in your Menu?Looks Great btw.....colors match excellent.
Pitkon Thanx for the comments, guys. Nothing exotic about THIS bar - it's bbinterface and bbicons working together. Of course, when finally released I hope bbi 1 will be out - or something. Herb, the volume control is bblean 1.16M, M standing for music. Been on the scene for some months now...
ser VI I think this helps with BBLeanM -> link
Pitkon Thanx for the link, Ser... And now u know what topbar I was talking about... :)
ser VI clap clap clap (Applause)
Pitkon Lol.... Thanx! U know I like ur topbar too! :)

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