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Autoclave II :: jarppi User jarppi
Just something I scraped together because I wanted a nice wintery style for my desktop. Based on my old Autoclave style, even though this one merely shares only the name and color scheme.

I'm not really sure about the buttons, since I tried to make this one look as smooth as possible, like powdered snow :)

Wallpaper is just something I googled, and liked. I'd love to see some constructive feedback, especially on the buttons I mentioned. And the font. Cheers. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Autoclave by jarppi
Wallpaper White_Trees_1680x1050.jpg 

unkamunka xplorer4 looks good with this...
jarppi it's actually xplorer², the font just doesn't like the 2 so it displays they 4-like thing :)

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