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New way to bro@m 2006-07-17 01:48:12
So I was doing my bi-monthly browse of the bbLean forum (I know heathen) and saw these two posts by qwilk, developer of xoblite, and nocd5, of the just mentioned BBLean_mod. It seems both have added support for command line bro@m passing to blackbox. The catch you ask? Well they use differant arguments, doh! So until this gets standardized, there will still likely be need for tools like BB(K|C)ontroller and BBKontroller-Proxy.

for BBLean_mod use blackbox.exe -exec bro@m
for xoblite use blackbox.exe -broam bro@m
Comments: 4   by: Tres`ni

BBLean_mod 060703 2006-07-17 01:44:00
nocd5 has release a new version of the BBLean modification so aptly named BBLean_mod. With improvements to BBLeanBar and the BBLeanSkin Engine. For a full change log and download see this post at the forums.
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noccy's Projects 2006-07-17 01:38:26
bbDesktopIcons 0.1.4
Exactly what it says. It's an application (not plugin) that will display icons on your desktop. I missed it for the longest time as it was buried into the BBLean forum, which I rarely enter.
# Autostart is NOW functional. It didn't write the proper values to the registry in 0.1.3. Sorry Smile
# Additional set of icons icondluded; softd by scrow. Included without permission. More at
# New dynamic drive type: Remote, for network drives.
# Default type assigned for other drive types Smile
# Fixed a few additional flickering issues when icons are created.
# Working directory is now properly set from the command executed. This should fix the bug with programs not starting correctly Wink
# New Icon now pops up the icon properties
# Icons are now draggable using the caption as well Smile
# A few dependencies removed. Now only relies on MSXML4 and VB6 Runtime.
# Icon properties now has a remove button.
# Tray icon can now be disabled from the options dialog, use Ctrl when right-clicking an icon to bring up the tray popup menu.
# Fixed the tray icon tooltip Smile

Download at litb Forums.

WebWidget 0.1.7
I'll admit it, I actually liked ActiveDesktop. In fact I have a heavily modified Mario Brother's Desktop one 2 of my machines. So the idea of web pages for a desktop in BB4Win was interesting to say the least. Leave it to noccy to actually do it ;)
litb Thread
Download at litb.
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tcl-bb 2006-06-30 13:45:09
Minor change to tcl-bb, removed the UPX compression which was stopping the plugin from loading for some people (including me on my new machine sans dev tools...)

Download: litb
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BBInterface Updates 2006-06-30 13:43:41
Welcome to jancuk (and how do you say that?) the newest addition to the BBInterface development team! He's on the ball and already hard at work:
1. Re-syntax-ed some "bcc hostile" a.k.a. "vc only" lines.
2. AgentSystemMonitor : Added 'cpu usage' alternative for 9x.
3. AgentWinamp : Added 'bitrate'.

Then he turned around a fixed a build bug where the Load Configuration Script... stopped working. <Toy Story Mode>Way to go Idaho!</Toy Story Mode>

Version number is still 0.9.89 so.. um.. make sure it's the right 0.9.89 ;)

Download: litb
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