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BBSlideShow 0.0.6 2006-04-06 19:24:29
Get your updates over at BBJunk!
BBSlideShow 0.0.6 boost the new autohide feature [something requested more and more these days] as well as a file list menu. Just make sure to download the FreeImage DLL to go with it (via sourceforge.)
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Happy Birthday to Us 2006-04-06 11:08:41
It's official, we are 3. Actually (formally was born February 2, 2003, so we are slightly older than 3, but that's okay.

In 3 years we've had over 3269 screenshots uploaded, an average of 2 a day. We've seen a lot of great styles and artists, and have had fun as a community. In fact there have been no less than 5 "contests" of sorts. Check them out if you missed them the first time!

blockhead's style that didn't upload
Pitkon's Connected
cuth1hu's reality
Reverend's Reality
crowmag's grasshopper
Nightbreed's Reality

clovemagic's Co-Lab
Pitkon's iDesigns 2
Pitkon's iDesigns
Nightbreed's Co-Lab
Purple's Co-Lab
snkmchnb's Co-lab

juztin's dear_kate
blockhead's reverend_contest_bh
snkmchnb's Benine
crowmag's Kate_Lied

Ygo's bbr
blockhead's semi_hojo
thewayofzen's putto koruku mesuinu
Fatman's Perelmil
snkmchnb's Acute

snkmchnb's Gesture
thewayofzen's seiteki
Herbalist's YingYang

So what's next for The new site is still missing, but actions of late have made me commit to doing it over the summer. Between NC-17 and me, we should be able to pull it off rather well, and rather quickly.

Thanks everyone for making boxshots great!
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Styles Pack Updated (finally) 2006-03-14 12:20:29
Okay, for all of you begging for a new styles pack, your pleas have finally been heard ;) Yours truly finally got off his pompus rear and mad a new styles back over 1 year after the last release. If anyone is not credited the way they want for their styles [or if you use another psuedonym I need to know about] please let me know and I'll add it to my style pack making script so it will be correct in the future.

Also check out the wiki and help contribute to the documentation effort!

Off to my hide out I go agian.
Comments: 9   by: Tres`ni

Xoblite bb3 RC 1 2006-01-02 10:40:47
On December 31, 2005, Xoblite has returned in its most exciting version yet. Some major changes, according to Karl himself are as follows:

# Manual positioning of all UI elements (Toolbar+Systembar+Slit) using Ctrl+Drag is now supported! Very Happy
# Numerous improvements to the built-in taskbar functionality:
- The systembar.taskbar can now swap places with the toolbar.windowLabel! Very Happy
(i.e. making it possible to place the taskbar on the toolbar a la Fluxbox)
- Taskbar button flashing is now supported (used by e.g. instant messaging applications)
- Drag'n'drop of files onto task buttons is now supported
- It is now configurable whether or not inactive task buttons should have a background drawn
- Lots of new taskbar button mouse click commands (e.g. Alt+MidClick to shade/unshade)
# Introducing a xoblite style balloon tooltips replacement - xobloon notifications! =]
# Including a new advanced sticky windows plugin - Glue! Very Happy
# Major improvements to the style parsing engine and new rendering options
- Support for the new Blackbox 0.70 style syntax (including fallback to the original syntax for optimum compatibility) Cool
- Support for dynamic resizing of the toolbar/systembar based on font size + menu marginWidths (configurable)
# Added support for menu [path] folder merging and wildcard search patterns
# Enhanced menu MidClick functionality (e.g. copy a complete bsetbg rootCommand for a wallpaper to the clipboard)
# New application environment variable ($Clipboard$) and core bro@ms (@xoblite MinimizeAll/RestoreAll)
# Apply styles by double clicking on .style files (assign extension to Blackbox.exe) or using Blackbox.exe
# Fixed the infamous/elusive crash on shutdown bug... Smile
# Updated *box API support for improved plugin compatibility (e.g. BBTaskMenu and bbIconBox)
# Further streamlining of the code (executable only 299 kB despite all new functionality)
# Online documentation (will be available later, for now read the included changes.txt for details)
# New style - solid'n'pale - in addition to the tried'n'tested xoblite bb2 styles... Wink
# Lots of major and minor bug fixes and improvements
(detailed changes ->

Download it now!
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0.70 style syntax tutorial 2005-12-18 14:14:58
i've spent some time today writing a tutorial for the new blackbox syntax. it is rough right now, i have pretty much all of the content in it that i want excluding pictures (they're getting added). i'm going to sit down and format it a little more and kinda sand down the edges. please feel free to comment and post suggestions.
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