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bbRun 0.0.3 2006-05-01 23:55:38
What's there to say other than this is probably one of the most feature complete run boxes to date. With a new release comes support for aliases, changing the configuration through the run box, and some stuff with internet aliases I haven't quite gotten the grasp on yet (could be the whole 1 AM thing but ya know.)

Download your copy here .
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BBRun 0.0.1b2 & bbPutty 0.0.5 2006-04-28 09:21:02
No rest for the wicked, in this case being me, s0rg, and the-r-. Could be wrong, but I thought I posted this news story yesterday ;) . Alright everyone, line up and get your latest plugin releases right here!

First off [and in no particular order] is bbRun 0.0.1 beta 2. Called the "first officially announced" build this should appease those of you who didn't want to use just any old beta, but an officially announced beta ;) No detailed changelog, but it seems to now support enviromental variables (ie %PATH%) and "a sort of 'console-menu dir browsing'. " whatever that means ;) . Wow, smiley pimping today.. Download this build at the forums.

Last but not least, bbPutty is up and running at version 0.0.5. Changelog is worth a thousand of my words if you ask me:
0.0.5 - fixed bug with spaces in session name (thank txGreg!)
+ minor optimizations and fixes

So for people like me who name there sessions, "WHY THE HECK DID I DO THIS", you are now in luck :P Download this one at the forums as well.

And I think I'm about news posted out.
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bbPutty 0.0.4 2006-04-27 09:33:58
s0rg has done some updating to bbPutty fixing the crash issues people where having.
0.0.4 - crashes in some cases (fixed)
+ @BBPutty.exec bro@ms added
+ @BBPutty.refresh bro@ms deleted

Download via forums or xoblite
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bbRun 2006-04-25 14:08:08
Plugin releases seem to be picking up lately and we've even added a couple new plugin developers to the realm. Today we have a new plugin by the-r- called [go figure] bbRun.

Designed to be a replacement for the Window's Run command [Win+R], it's light on the feature side, but seems to fit it's intended purpose quite well.

As per the forum post:
I'll release it complete with readme.txt in some days. This is sort of a beta, but it's working perfectly in my system.
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BBPutty 2006-04-21 09:28:23
over at the forums s0rg has posted a new tool for all you BB4Win + Putty freaks [like me]. Called BBPutty, the tool makes a mini menu to [include] anywher you want. Now you can get some direct Putty launchage going straight frm your desktop menu (or alt menu, or bbinterface button, or whatever else your wee little heart desires.) Welcome s0rg to the wonderful land of BB4Win development!
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