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New bbLean Mod - bblean 1.16z 2006-11-12 11:56:33
bblean 1.16 -> bblean 1.16z

changes in bblean 1.16:
- menu icones support
- menu icones size selection
- icones affectation syntaxe (like bbleanmod)
- separator
- scroller position inversed to not hide icons (left<->right)
- support of big icons of tasks for bbleanbar
- Shadow (position and color)

changes in bbleanbar:
- replace "smallicon" by "icon.size"
- clock's tooltips
- separation of task's and tray's saturation and hue
- Shadow
- workspace and clock label have independant size

changes in bbleanskin:
- icones support in label frame
- titlebar of "unskinnable" windows use style color (and look better when maximize windows)
- selection object (menu, etc...) can use style color (like for tooltips)

# New entry in "blackbox.rc": -1 (-1=Auto, 0=disable) 0 60

# New entry in styles files:

(* mean any item with ".color", ".colorTo", ".textColor", ...)
*.shadowColor: black
*.shadowX: 0
*.shadowY: 0 (shadowX=0 and shadowY=0 disable shadows)
menu.separator.margin: 2
menu.separator.color: (default color is "menu.frame.textColor")

# New entry in "bbleanbar.rc":

bbLeanBar.icon.Size: 0 (0=Auto)
bbLeanBar.tray.saturation: 0
bbLeanBar.tray.hue: 60
bbLeanBar.strftimeTipsFormat: %A %d %B %Y

# New entry in "bbleanskin.rc": false
bbleanskin.titlebar.icon.size: -1 (-1=Auto, 0=disable)
bbleanskin.titlebar.icon.saturation: 0
bbleanskin.titlebar.icon.hue: 60
Comments: 4 story link by: Nightbreed

bbLeanTheme 0.2.7 2006-11-09 17:40:39
crowmag has released a new version of his Theme support addon for bbLean. Nor more batch files, runs all by itself, even has a new ability to execute Pre and Post Theme Change commands. Get the full details here with the download here.
Comments: 0   by: Tres`ni

EasyRun 2006-11-08 19:41:07
noccy has a new toy for everyone to play with! EasyRun is a run box (Win+R) replacement to run with your shell of choice! Supporting macros, aliases, and autocomplete it should make even the most power hungry users happy. Check it out, give noccy some props and feedback!

Carry On!
Comments: 0   by: Tres`ni

The return of grischka 2006-10-26 18:40:45
As you may have seen in the chatbox, and as posted on and the forums, grischka has returned with an updated BBNote and a new version BBSlit.

bbSlit revisited: Also with support for the new style syntax including configurable margins and border.

bbNote, the handy tool to do 'editing with style', eventually has been updated to support the new style syntax (as introduced with blackboxwm 0.70).

More info on the bbLean site.
Comments: 2   by: Tres`ni

psyci is getting married! 2006-09-07 21:09:54
In a post on Lost in the Box forums, psyci informed the BB4Win community that he is in the process of planning his wedding!
psyci, your work on various projects has benefitted the BB4Win community immensely, but you are about to do something that is bigger than anything else in the world. Congratulations, mate, the BB4Win community wishes you the best of luck!
Comments: 7   by: Malnilion

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