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Cool text editor 2005-11-20 10:08:38
Found a great editor for styles and pretty much everything else. If anyone wants to give it a shot.
The program's called Html-kit and can be found here

When you first start it:
Go to, Preferences. From that go to the 'File types' and click on 'User' on the left hand side. Hit the 'Add file type'.. a dialogue box will pop up saying file type.
I just put "Blackbox Styles (*.style)" and hit ok
After that has been done, you'll see the 'Edit File Type Extensions:' become activated. Put in *.style;.style and tag anywhere in the file types window and it will be added.
Now the program will have .style files listed as an extention in the open and save dialogue box.

Interesting thing about the program is it's use of snippits and the fact you can save a file as a template. I saved my most used style format as a template with empty color values, now all I have to do is go to the 'File -- New From Page Wizard -- user' then select my saved style template.

Another really hot feature about the program is it's built in color picker. It has defineable color pallets, a roaming color picker, and an option to bring in a bitmap and grab the colors from it and create a pallet.
You simply put the cursor where you're going to plug in the color value, click the color picker icon in the toolbar and choose the color you want, and the program plugs it into the document.

It's also a tabbed style notepad for those not wanting editors all over the screen.

anywho, tons of features and it's free.. give it a shot... Peace

Forgot to mention: I also set it to recognize .3dc files so they to can be listed in the open and save box. Do the same with those as you did with .style files just add: 3dcc Theme files (*.3dc) for the File type and *.3dc;.3dc for the 'Edit File Type Extensions:' part and you're all set.
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Guess who is getting hitched! 2005-11-18 22:16:22
A huge congradulations and the love of everyone involved with the blackbox for windows community gos out to snkmchnb who proposed to his gf on this 18th day of november 2005. Anyone who has been around these parts knows the amount of work will puts in to the community. The entire community would lose a bundle if he ever moved on! Congradulations buddy. We wish you all the best cause damnit dude.. u deserve nothing but!
Comments: 13   by: thewayofzen

Have a style request? 2005-10-04 13:48:41
Have a request for a style for a particular wallpaper or combination of colors? Hop on over to the style request sub forum on and post!
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Order restored 2005-10-04 10:12:23
Okay, the community is once agian in order. is updated and kicking, as is Lost In The Box. NC-17 even got his site off and running. Thanks to everyone for the support.

Please note that is suppose to point to this site, but there is some difficulty with that right now it seems. and .net are just webhops to
Comments: 2   by: Tresni

Community Status 2005-09-30 21:56:21
Okay, just to let everyone know what's going on, was hacked, twice, and apparently the entire file system was wiped. This took out more sites then just However, NC-17 has not given up hope, and is working to get back up. Might be a new CMS, might not, I haven't heard at this point, but it will be back.'s host suffered some serious issues with IIS going ape on them. This lead to a realization by our generous hosting provider, that hosting other people isn't a cake walk, when something goes down, it causes problems. So he has decided that he doesn't want to continue hosting everything, and that's cool. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for the help he has been. Me and snkmchnb have stuff in the works and hopefully within the week we will have a new host and the forums will be restored.

I know this kinda sucks, to have this all come down at once isn't easy, but the community will live on. Don't forget, you can talk with other BB4Win's live on run by freenode in #bb4win. Lots of us hang out there and talk when we can.

Love to the community, and see ya'll soon ;)
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