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Happy Birthday to thewayofzen 2004-10-02 22:44:40
HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. I'm guessing from the chatbox he's turning 30 today, but don't quote me on that :) Anyway, we, the other admins and moderators, want to wish zen much success in the year to come and thank him for his hard work here at

And a glimpse of what zen has to put up with everyday (or what I have to babysit, take your pick :D )
Pitkon Thanx for the welcome Jester, Zen, freeb0rn... What? No new ss to approve? Damn, u work fast...
freeb0rn Thats zen. This is his homepage.
thewayofzen freeb0rn: u were only kidding but seriously i check this page way to much.. and was until recently accessing it from work.. which i am no informed is a "waste of company resources" bah!
thewayofzen woohoo im on the job. 4 screenies approved by moi!
Pitkon Lol; what r u trying to do, steal our job? Tres'ni will boot us out... :D
freeb0rn i wouldn't worry about. who's gonna moderate the moron... i mean fellow moderator.
Pitkon Lmao
Tres`ni Now place nice children :P
thewayofzen wahts up with the hostility?
freeb0rn I'm just playin, you know i luv ya man!
thewayofzen sure sure.. first im an elitist then a moron.. hmm.. ;)
Pitkon Remember the way of zen, thewayofzen; peace and tranquility...
freeb0rn *HUGS ZEN*
thewayofzen *pinches freeb0rns ass*
freeb0rn rawr
thewayofzen i just got a ss.. but its my bday and im slacking the rest of the day with my girl..
freeb0rn happy b-day you bizatch
Pitkon Happy birthday, zen!
Tres`ni Happy Birthday! One of these days, I'm going to post the admin logs for the world to see just so they can see how immature we are :P

Hey, I warned um (okay, about 1 minute before I posted this, but that's not the point!)
Comments: 8   by: Tres`ni

BBShelf v1.1 2004-09-20 11:36:03
BBShelf is a Blackbox for Windows plugin that holds shortcut icons. The shelf can be opened or closed by clicking on the button.

# BBShelf v1.1 (2004-09-20) / Fatman Tooltips! [Finally! :)]
# Icon menus
# Delete icons
# "Drag-n-Drop" now works!
# Don't even try to keep BBShelf.rc neat and tidy
# Link file parsing
# Shelf classes need a redesign
Comments: 2 story link by: Jesterace

BBWeather 2.1 2004-09-10 08:40:28
# BBWeather v2.1 (2004-09-09) / Fatman Upgrade to BBWrapper v3.2.1 baseline
# All previous features implemented [I think?] plus:
# Improved token classes and structures
# Crappy token display
# Border option
# Menu redesigned
# Double click to launch web browser
# Edit settings menu item
# Simplified download code
# UPX'ed and AggressiveOptimized --> tiny binary
Comments: 0 story link by: snkmchnb

BBCalendar 1.1 2004-09-09 16:52:28
bbcalendar is a calendar plugin :-)

new in 1.1:
- 4 draw modes
- possition of everithyng is customizable
- can select the style of every part
- add a note to every day you wont
- and lots more

Download from
Comments: 3 story link by: Theo

bbColor3dc version 1.1 released. 2004-08-28 10:46:54

bbColor3dc is a bb4win plugin that switches 3DCC Color Schemes with the Style.



New in 1.1:
- Looks in the stylefile itself for 3dc color numbers.
- searches "blackbox/3dc" for 3dc files.
- added Broams to read from or save to a 3dc file.


Comments: 6 story link by: mode

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