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bbXEyes v0.3 2004-05-11 11:58:03
While on a stroll around the community pages I ran across this plugin while at grischka's BBLean site. It is a clone of the popular XEyes for X Windows on *nix. It sits on your desktop and the eyes follow your mouse cursor around the screen. Pretty neat I'm playing with it at the moment. Has no other real functionality other than something fun for your desktop. bbXEyes is written by Procic Konstantin. Also I noted on his page BBDxShelf. A shelf similar seen on the Afterstep Desktop. It is in a beta phase right now. It supports these image formats:


You need to edit INI-config manualy to setup your images.

bbXkeys v0.3
bbDxShelf 00 beta
Comments: 13 story link by: Jesterace

Shell-Shocked and Site Status Updates 2004-04-22 23:53:13
In line with the previous post about the latest Shell Shocked issue comes this two tidbits submitted by looper.
First we have an interview with Bladestaylor, developer of SystemBarEx, BBEdgeFlip, and BBMemShrink. Interesting read, gives some idea on possible future developments from him too :)
Secondly is a review of BBLean and to some extent BB4Win branches in general. (This is linked in the comments from the previous post.)
Nice to see BB4Win getting some press out there! Remember, anyone can submit articles to Shell Shocked, so all you potential writers get on it :P

I'd also like to post an update on the "situation" that arose in the Chatbox this week. It's a sad day in history, the first time I had to ban someone from the site. Even sadder when you realize this functionality was never built into the site, so I had to write it. I also had to make some changes to the ban as I was inadvertly banning quite a few more people then I had intended. To anyone adversely affect, I apologize for any inconvince. I hape to never have to ban another person, it's not something I enjoy doing.
Comments: 0   by: Tres`ni

Blackbox for Windows review at Shell Shocked 2004-04-20 03:30:24
Interesting review of Blackbox for Windows 0.0.82 over at Shell Shocked. It covers both the good and maybe not so good aspects (in the opinion of the reviewer) of the shell.
Comments: 7 story link by: gv

BB4Win Plugin Updates 2004-04-19 23:23:11
BBCmd 0.0.6a by kana
- Added workspace(n) command
Download: kana

BBgesture 0.7b by Kaloth
- Added recording feature
- Fixed hook chain bug
Download: Geocities DTO

BBMouseGestures 0.1.3a by kana
- Added `modifier' feature which allows to define a gesture with some keys combination (e.g. pressing control key, presseing shift and alt keys and others).
- Modified `playback' command to play back any events with any modifiers. For example, the following defiintion will swap the buttons.
Changes from 0.1.2a
- Rewote the code to parse the configuration file.
- Modified the syntax of the configuration file a little. Now you have to write a button-up event in a gesture statement explicitly. For example, `gesture R Right = ...' must be rewritten as `gesture R Right RUp = ...'.
- Modified to allow to define any single click as a gesture.
- Added `playback' command
Download: kana

BBSpectrum 0.1b by Kaloth
Specturm analyzer in a BB4Win plugin!
Download: Geocities DTO
Comments: 1   by: Tres`ni

BBMail 1.0rc2 2004-04-14 21:52:24
Looking for more plugin goodies for my desktop I wandered over to and noticed that qwilk has released a copy of BBMail. A plugin I've been drooling over now for a year.
Anyways here's what he says...

"This is BBMail 1.0 Release Candidate 2, and as such it does not include full
documentation but rather takes for granted that you (the end user) have some
previous experience of using *box for Windows."

You can grab it at dto

enjoy :)
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