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bbLean1.12U1 2004-02-24 08:13:04
bbLean 1.12U1 released.
[ed. Change log note the following:
- fixed crashs with TaskMgr and hopefully on exit/shutdown
- fixed lag with foobar2000 etc.
- bbLeanBar looks better with icons and should keep position after resolution changes

Change Log can be found here

download here:
Comments: 8 story link by: dubox

BB4Win 0,0.90 Release 2004-02-23 15:09:03
Lots to say - I will just let you know BB4Win 0.0.90 is released and refer you to
Comments: 6 story link by: NC-17

bblean 1.12 2004-02-20 22:15:41
I didn't see that anyone has submitted this, but bblean 1.12 is now out for are the changes as listed on the changes page (looks to be updated today 02-20-2004)


for bbLean 1.12 - 20 Feb 2004

- standard icon size is now 16/16
- added left click window toggling for task systemmenu mode
- less CPU use with systray icons

- added titlebar click options with shift and ctrl
- added broadcast messages
- added check for fullscreen mode windows
- possibly fixed some multimonitor probs (feedback appreciated)

- no more crashes with long command lines in bbkeys.rc

blackbox core
- possibly fixed some multimonitor probs (feedback appreciated)
- possibly supports NT4 again
- minor change in systray code

bblean page here

doanload here
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Bluebox Status report 2004-02-13 12:49:25
If you don't check the Bluebox site regularly, you are going to miss something :) nivenh has been doing an awesome job of keeping the 0.5 test builds updated and hints to a release of bluebox 0.5 sometime in the near future.
There has also been major work done on BWM to make it more usable, more stable, and more better :P Okay, that's proper grammar, but it sounds good! Overall BWM keeps getting better and better, the bug(s) with MDI windows appears to be fix, but nivenh warns that there have been new bugs reported and to be catious.
Comments: 0   by: Tres`ni

SystemBarEx 2.1 2004-02-07 18:50:37
For those of you wanting a taskbar/systray plugin that is completely customizable display- and style-wise, shows all sorts of information including a clock, workspace label, etc, and can also almost just about make coffee, check out the latest version (2.1) of SystemBarEx.
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