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Save the Jesterace Fund 2004-01-02 00:50:26
So as you all may know, Jesterace, our greatly loved stylist, is without a computer since he has moved. Computer of course will not just be for making styles (I hope), but also to aid in job searching. I've decided to setup a "Save the Jesterace Fund." This fund is going to be used to help Jesterace either build a new pc or purchase one from whichever company he wishes.

Now, this isn't something necessary.. but just something that I decided to start. Let's "Save the Jesterace!"
Comments: 4   by: snkmchnb

Bluebox is back online 2003-12-29 12:58:59
Bluebox is back online after a nice little hiatis. Still no 0.5, but atleast the site is more descriptive then the old IIS error message :) Don't forget, the bluebox team is still looking for volunteers, if you got time and/or talent to spare, I'm sure they would love to have your help!
Comments: 6   by: Tres`ni

3D Color Changer 4 released! 2003-12-27 09:24:49
3D Color Changer 4 was released today.... new features in 3DCC4 include:
Color Palette, Color Copy/Paste, Color Box, Improved element list, Scheme Library support, Panel system, File Panel, & JaSMiN User Interface. Unfortunatly it has been made shareware ($10.00USD), though still a meager price for such high quality software...Check it out here
or download here
Comments: 8 story link by: sicle9

Happy Holidays and News to Boot! 2003-12-26 12:44:58
Well I hope everyone had/is having some Happy Holiday's, and of course all of us here at wish you (belated) Holiday Wishes. Was so busy with the family the past couple days that I didn't have time for the normal internet stuff :-P Anyway, my family had a wonderful Christmas and I hope everyone else is enjoying the holiday season! Now to the news :)

Bluebox in Need of Volunteers
The Bluebox team is asking for volunteers to help with everything from graphic design, to documentation, website maintence. With the up coming release of 0.5 the team is looking to get everything current and improve/add some new things (like an installer it appears.) If you have any skills you can contribute, or you want more information, check out the thread over at the Shell Forums

BBStatus by Stocker
We also have a new plugin release for BB4Win! BBStatus "provides a simple status bar that mimics the Toolbar label (it displays the current active window title and other messages sent to it). The bar is auto-resizable, and it has slit-support". Very useful for anyone who doesn't want the toolbar but still wants the status messages! Stocker is looking for input, there isn't currently a thred in the forums for BBStatus, but you can contact him via email!
Comments: 1   by: Tres`ni

The Last(?) Bluebox 0.42 CVS Build 2003-12-23 17:44:59
Seems SowWn wanted to give a christmas present to the alternative shell community. He just posted what were the last CVS builds of Bluebox 0.42. The builds are for general consumption and may (or may not) solve any problems that are being had with previous CVS builds or the new 0.50 betas (obtainable only through a means of secret communitcation that is so secret I can't even talk about it. Wait a second...)
Comments: 1   by: Tres`ni

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