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Possible New Style Repository. 2003-10-16 17:35:20
With The online/offline happenings of freeb0rn's Style Repository and The need of some for one
Central place to Find *box Styles, I've given thought to creating a New Style Repository on My server.

Before doing so I thought I would see what the *box community Thoughts were about this Idea.
so Please feel free to comment here or Follow the Story link to my Site to leave a comment.
Comments: 7 story link by: evolve

hahah 2003-10-09 08:57:12
I'm just showing up everywhere aren't I?

Just posting to let everyone know theres another admin (so now I can approve my "questionable" screenshots muah), and to say So Long and thanks for all the Bits to Brian.
Comments: 0   by: maaneeack

broambox for BB4Win 2003-10-08 15:05:10
Broambox, my long sat on project for BB4Win, is now available for download. Broambox is a command box similar to LSCommand for Litestep. It executes shell commands (executables, shortcuts, etc), bro@ms, and some internal commands. It does not have a calculator or any other "extras". The code has lots of room for expansion for anyone who feels like hacking away at it. Broambox does require a build that supports the 0.90 API. Read the included readme for more information :-P
Comments: 1   by: Tres`ni

BBSlider 2.0 2003-10-04 12:42:41
Just recently I posted about how psyci over at the loose-screws forums was talking about his in the works plugin, BBSlider. Well here we have it! Direct from the email psyci sent me:

The plugin is ... called "BBSlider". It creates a slider control capable of controlling volume on any of your system's sound devices.

Now the documentation doesn't state what's API is required to use this plugin, but I believe it requires the API (BBLean, xoblite, or a BB4Win nightly).
Download your copy here.
Comments: 0   by: Tres`ni

I'm alive 2003-10-03 12:16:19
Hey folks, Sorry for the lack of posting and things. I just got electricity back after that hurricane Juan. First hurricane to actually hit us and do damage in 50 years.
Comments: 2   by: Jesterace

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