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Plugins galore! 2004-03-28 16:43:09
Got an email from qwilk today announcing the release of BBDropFTP. Here's the info:

BBDropFTP is a xoblite / Blackbox for Windows plugin that lets you upload files to a virtually unlimited number of pre-defined FTP upload "targets" through a simple drag'n'drop to its window, using a file requester, or by sending it a single bro@m (which can of course be mapped to e.g. a hotkey). Want to upload your latest wallpaper, style or plugin to make it available to others? ...your creation is now just a drag'n'drop or less away from the Internet! =]

Please note that BBDropFTP 1.0 requires xoblite bb1 or later / Blackbox for Windows 0.0.90 or later.

Download Mirrors: DTO SF

We also have an updates to a couple other plugins!
BBwintrans which should better support the "ALWAYS" rules for windows that are not visible at creation. This brings it to version 0.4b
Download Mirrors: Geocities DTO SF

BBGesture is now at version 0.5b. See the linked post for the changes.
Download Mirrors: Geocities DTO SF
Comments: 2   by: Tres`ni

BBWintrans 0.3b 2004-03-27 01:23:03
Changes since 0.1b include:
* global transparency options
* exclusion lists
* 3 different transparency rules (focus, moving, always)
* Added @BBWintransTog.
* Minor code improvements.
* App names in exclusions and individual settings are no longer case sensitive.
* Transparency now removed from windows when plugins exits.
* Windows are properly initialised to their requested transparent state when plugin starts.

Download here (Geocities, Right Click -> Save As)

Mirrors SF DTO
Comments: 0   by: Tres`ni

New Host, Better Service 2004-03-26 18:53:38
Well, I just finished the move to the new host, took a little site recoding to get everything workin right, but we should be good to go now. There are a few glitches that I am still workin on, right now styles can not be downloaded. I am going to be addign a .style extenstion to them which should allow them to be downloaded. Sorry for the inconvience, I am workin on everything as fast as I can!
This move was made for your best intrests, the new host should have better stability then what we've seen from my home connection over the past year. Please bear with us as we get everything up to speed! Thanx guys and gals!
Comments: 3   by: Tres`ni

BB(K|C)ontroller 2004-03-23 14:11:02
Today is definetly not a slow news day!
Due to some limitations in BBController, namely the inability to execute commands, I've updated BBController with a new command. And, being the person I am, decided to take a look at BBKontroller and see if there had been anything new lately. Boy was I in for a shock! Kana has been more then active on BBKontroller releasing 6 updates including a major revision since February 25. Not only had he added support for almost everything BBController did, he had uped the game a notch by adding in the ability to read commands from a file and even play wav files! Not to be outdone, I quickly got to work on BBController and added similar support and released BBController 0.07 just a few moments ago. Be sure to check out both BBKontroller and BBController!

On a side note, givin the handle kana, I'm wondering if he's Japanesse. Now we all know there is supposedly a big following for BB4Win in Japan, but does anyone know where these guys hang out? This is the 4th plugin/tool that we "english" users have found out about a day late and a dollar short and I want to keep that from happening agian :P
Comments: 3   by: Tres`ni

You're the man now dawg! err.. Kaloth! 2004-03-23 11:20:23
Looks as if Kaloth has been on a coding spree. Since we last saw him, he has made already made 2 new plugins for some more BB4Win goodness!

It's a BB4win plugin that can make any (well, almost) window transparent in Windows2000/XP. Windows are made transparent on creation, so any windows that are open when you start bbwintrans will remain normal.

Geocities download (Right Click -> Save As)
Mirrors SF

I made this plugin to fix my multi-media keyboard under BB4win. Basically it's a low level keyhook that can map any VK (Virtual Key) code to a command line action or to the default mixer 'mute', 'volume up' and 'volume down' actions

Geocities download (Right Click -> Save As)
Mirrors DTO SF

We also have updates to Kaloth's other 2 plugins:
BBgesture 0.4b has better drawing recognition and docs to help.
Geocities download (Right Click -> Save As)
Mirrors DTO SF

BBoscilliscope 0.5b includes "numerous changable parameters to the rc file", "much nicer algorithm to monitor the wave form", and a bug fix that could cause BB4Win to hang on restart.
Geocities download (Right click -> Save As)
Mirrors DTO SF
Comments: 1   by: Tres`ni

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