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Community Styles Challenges 2005-01-22 02:09:03
not too long ago there were 5 styles done based off of the same wall. one was done by fatman, thewayofzen, blockhead, Ygo, and myself. anyway, there is a category on the forums, , just for that specific purpose. walls can be posted for challenges, currently there is a gmail account being given away to the winner.
Comments: 14 story link by: snkmchnb

The Final Vote 2004-12-27 15:44:52
Alright time for the last round of voting for the new member of the family. Cast your vote here.

To know what the site will be used for read these posts by me post 1 and post 2.
Comments: 1   by: Tres`ni needs your advice 2004-12-17 23:06:37
The team is looking to add a new domain to it's family, and we want your help in picking the domain. Here's some ideas we've come up with, tell us which you like best or what you'd like us to use instead:
forum poll
Comments: 0   by: Tres`ni

New Forums Activation Problems 2004-12-17 21:40:23
Anyone who has not recieved an activation email, never fear! I've gone through and activated all accounts by hand. I've also turned off the email activation until we can figure out what is causing it so that not everyone recieves the emails. Sorry for any problems.
Comments: 0   by: Tres`ni

Reason for forum death 2004-12-08 18:12:42
This link explains why the forums have been down. So now all is known! -- source: IRC
Comments: 2 story link by: Fatman

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