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Happy Birthday to Us 2006-04-06 11:08:41
It's official, we are 3. Actually (formally was born February 2, 2003, so we are slightly older than 3, but that's okay.

In 3 years we've had over 3269 screenshots uploaded, an average of 2 a day. We've seen a lot of great styles and artists, and have had fun as a community. In fact there have been no less than 5 "contests" of sorts. Check them out if you missed them the first time!

blockhead's style that didn't upload
Pitkon's Connected
cuth1hu's reality
Reverend's Reality
crowmag's grasshopper
Nightbreed's Reality

clovemagic's Co-Lab
Pitkon's iDesigns 2
Pitkon's iDesigns
Nightbreed's Co-Lab
Purple's Co-Lab
snkmchnb's Co-lab

juztin's dear_kate
blockhead's reverend_contest_bh
snkmchnb's Benine
crowmag's Kate_Lied

Ygo's bbr
blockhead's semi_hojo
thewayofzen's putto koruku mesuinu
Fatman's Perelmil
snkmchnb's Acute

snkmchnb's Gesture
thewayofzen's seiteki
Herbalist's YingYang

So what's next for The new site is still missing, but actions of late have made me commit to doing it over the summer. Between NC-17 and me, we should be able to pull it off rather well, and rather quickly.

Thanks everyone for making boxshots great!
Comments: 7   by: Tres`ni

cthu1hu Happy b-day boxshots. One of my favorite sites on the net, been obsessed with it for a few years. Here's to many years to come.
thewayofzen ive only been here about a year and a half. but its hard to dispute that it is the best community one can take part in. heres to many more.
snkmchnb happy b-day to boxshots :) i give many thanks to you.. i've made many friends here..
Malnilion Happy Birthday! I can't go a day without it!
auto Happy b-day, I hope there are many many more to come.
txGreg Anyone have a good link for the "YinYang" wallpaper? The given link is dead, and I had no luck finding it on DevianArt. Thanks (and Thanks BoxShots - for everything)
txGreg Never mind -- finally stumbled across 2 variations of it (link) via a link from Pitkon's (link) gallery.

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