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Another Programmer Joins In 2012-04-16 00:57:04
Another programmer, philliph, joined forces with BBs best to work on the core and plugins. Which means, new options to make a great shell even greater. There is a list of things we would like to see and I am sure you have your own wishlist so go ahead and post it on lostinthebox. And if there are more programmers out there interested in volunteering, we would love to hear from you.
Comments: 8   by: Pitkon

BBAutoBroam Is Released 2012-02-08 05:58:24
Bro offered another plugin – bbAutoBroam, that automatically runs a list of bro@ams at shell startup. With bbAutoBroam you can:
- choose to either use or ignore shell's -nostartup switch
- prevent running of startup bro@ams by simply holding SHIFT at startup
- space up the execution of startup bro@ams with time interval
- get loading feedback (e.g. by using @script[@BBCore.label Loading bbNote...|@BBCore.exec bbNote.exe])
The plugin works fine with BBLean 1.17 but seems to have issues with BlackboXZ by XZero450… Get it from
Comments: 0   by: Pitkon

To Kill An App: BBKillProcessMenu 2012-01-27 06:39:50
There is a new plugin by bro - a simple plugin for Blackbox for Windows, which shows a list of processes in a menu so they could be easily terminated. bbKillProcessMenu is compatible with all current bb4win versions:
- bblean 1.12 or later
- xoblite bb2 or later
- bb4win 0.90 or later
Get it from
Comments: 0   by: Pitkon

BBMMEX = A New Plugin 2012-01-21 00:04:41
BBMMEX by bro is a simple plugin for Blackbox for Windows, which shows summary about currencies from Money Manager Ex
It can be used also to show result of custom query on any unencrypted SQLite database.
Get it from
Comments: 0   by: Pitkon

Happy 2012! 2011-12-31 01:23:36
Happy New Year, folks! We at boxshots and lostinthebox wish you a healthy, fruitful 2012 with lots of *box escapades! Be creative and keep boxing!
Comments: 0   by: Pitkon

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