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new btrash for bluebox 2003-04-03 21:26:55
I have updated btrash to be compatible with the latest slit app class and have changed it's look slightly. Enjoy.

[ed. Look, the first piece of bluebox news for us! yippy!]
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BB4Win Mailing Lists on the move 2003-03-31 13:14:12
The BB4Win Mailing List has a new host at SourceForge. maaneeack shut down the list late last week, the archives will still be available, but the list is no longer operational. To subscribe to the new list, go here.

Will post a link to the old archive as soon as I find one ;)
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BB4Win Installer Update 2003-03-30 12:00:07
Posted over at is the news of a Fixed Installer. This new installer releases should fix any problems people were having with their system path getting corrupted as it no longer sets the path. It's just not needed anymore ;)

I am not sure if this will fix someone's b0rked path, but it will keep it from happening to anyone else who tries to install BB4Win!
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New Beginings 2003-03-29 13:47:17
Welcome to the new! This has been in the works for a while now, with a little extra emphasis since the closing of I am hoping that the *box community will let this site pick up where joeblade left off and become much more! Feel free to submit news for posting (there is a link in the menu for this) and please continue to upload the Screenshots that we all love so much! This site can become great if we let it.

On a similar note, as we all know burnout is common in this line of work, and so to leviate that I am asking now for people who are interested in becoming site administrators. Duties would include approving screenshots and news postings, along with posting *box related news. The job isn't overly hard, and it should be rewarding (in it's own sense.) If you are interested, please email me (story link) with questions or just to let me know you are interested (if I don't already know you a little background would be nice ;)

Thanx for stopping by, and please, let me know of any suggestions, comments, problems, or concerns!
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