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Blackbox Menu Editor 2003-08-21 10:55:17
As noted in the Forums @ in this thread, spamrat has another release of the Blackbox Menu Editor for people to play with.

This release fixes a bug with menu titles and also a bug related to adding/removing commands linked to executables.

Check out Blackbox Menu Editor and be sure to give spamrat some feedback!
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BBSysmon v0.8 & BBAnalog v0.7 2003-08-17 13:05:46
Mortar has been busy with a couple plugins for BB4Win, first off is BBSysmon which is a system monitor that is slitable or standalone on the desktop, there are various bug fixes from v0.7 you can grab the offical version here. Next one is BBAnalog which is a nice slitable or standalone desktop analog clock plugin. So you can also grab that here. Readme's included for both have fun :)
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Bluebox Pre-CVS Builds 2003-08-11 21:23:00
SoWWn apparently didn't like the current state of bluebox and so has gotten to work. His plan? To fix all the major bugs in bluebox CVS over the next couple of weeks. And with that he is releasing his "Up to the Second" Pre-CVS builds for you pleasure!
Changes include fixing a slit hiding bug, changing the main menu code so it never fails the hit test (ie it always works), some slit alignment fixes, and adding some features to baseslitapp for version tracking.
One final note: if you launch a slitapp with --help, you will be presented with info describing what version of baseslitapp the app was compiled against and available switches.
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GradTest 2.0 by qwilk 2003-07-30 17:22:15
GradTest is a xoblite / Blackbox for Windows plugin that displays a fully styled window (according to the current window style settings), with clickable buttons, focused/unfocused state, etc. This gives style creators the visual feedback they need to tweak their styles to include *all* elements, while waiting for a window skinning plugin to be released (actually, it will still be useful even after such a plugin is released if you do not want the additional CPU load of window skinning).

...and it looks really cool too! <g>

Please note that GradTest requires xoblite bb1 or later (to be released soon), or a recent (nightly) build of Blackbox for Windows.
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More Site Updates 2003-07-21 00:40:49
Added a glyph to show if a style file is avaiable.. Look for styles with ‡, they have styles you can download.
Added RSS 0.92 backends for both News and Screenshots. Screenshots feed has enclosures for thumbnails, not sure what they do for you, but it should be cool :-P..
Made (some) custom graphics to reduce the size of the left hand colum.
Comment count on screenshots is now only shown if someone has posted a comment.
Using • instead of :: now.. I think it looks better for one and felt like it for 2 :)
Spent way too much time browsing the web trying to make things easier for you people (don't ask, it was pointless anyway, just took me 2 hours to realize it..)
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