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BlueBox for Visual Studio 6 2003-06-16 01:00:37
According to the news over at the bluebox site jbrisch has created project files for bluebox that work with Visual Studio 6. So all your code hackers who haven't been able to obtain the new Vistual Studio .NET won't have to fit to get Bluebox compiling. Looks like with this announcement comes a new development source download.
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BBTrans 0.5 [elephant] 2003-06-15 13:34:38
ironhead has updated BBTrans to now include transparency support for BBSlit. The new feature only works in nightly builds, but users of BB4Win .82 still get to see their plugin about box updated to see 0.5 [elephant] (what a cool update huh?)
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BBTrans 0.4 [dingo] 2003-06-13 23:33:51
BBTrans 0.4 [dingo] has been released. What's new? Support for BBSystemBar! Now you can really make BB4Win look all eyecandy-ish ;) Please read the post about BBTrans over at as there are some issues that I don't feel like typing out a second time. Mostly I'm tired and lazy.
Enjoy the release, and have a good weekend!
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Playa Haters, Word Up! 2003-06-12 14:26:20
BBWinSkin has been officially announced and is expecting a release with in the next few weeks. The BB4Win project is headed by Mortar (BBSysmon and BBAnalog) with work also done by former BB4Win lead developers ironhead and qwilk (now lead/only developer of xoblite). So for everyone who has been waiting for a window skinning app for BB4Win, your time is close at hand!
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Mini Update 2003-06-05 23:20:25
Alright the Random Screenshot should be more random now. Not that I didn't like Xoom's hornyBLACKBOX but it was getting way more rotation than anything else, and that wasn't very fair..
Number of comments are also shown on screenshot thumbnails..
Clicking the number of comments takes you directly to the comments instead of just the info page.. (it's still the info page, but you get the comments front and center.)
There was something else but I don't remember..
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