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Plugin Updates 2003-09-03 15:42:28
qwilk just released BBBin 1.2 boasting an impressive number of changes including Slit compatability, full style parsing, xoblite bro@m list support, multimonitor support (not tested), and some minor bug fixes and enhancements.

There's also a new release of BBHook 1.2 which should solve problems with the previous versions and window rollup functionality. Take it from me, never test this on a Microsoft Office application :-P

And lastly (but not leastly), Fatman has been hard at work on a recoding of nWeather dubbed, you guessed it, BBWeather. Version 1.4 is aviable for download and general usage. This replacement of nWeather is highly (and I mean highly) configurable and you should enjoy it a lot. As Fatman says, who needs to get up and look out side when you have nWeather?

[ed. These plugins require a BB4Win nightly or xoblite, their use with BBLC is untested to my knowledge. ]
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xoblite bb1 Released 2003-08-30 05:07:50
We have all been pretty aware that qwilk has been very busy lately with his own project, xoblite, a branch of BB4Win Now he has finished up the first public release. It contains an intergrated slit and systembar plus many other things to numerous to list so head on over to the xoblite home and check it out.

[ed. Links added by Tres`ni]
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I'm Late, I'm Late, for a very important date 2003-08-29 18:13:42
Well, in my wonderings through out life I missed the pleased event of the 250th uploaded screenshot! Shame on me!
The honors go to AlmostX for the Room ? screenshot.
And what has AlmostX won? Well, the news I guess :-P

Thanx to all the people who visit this site, all the people who upload their screenshots/styles, and to my site moderators, freeb0rn, patm, and Jesterace, "You guys rule!" Also I would like to thank the academy for.....
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New looks for 2003-08-25 16:49:32
Thanx to freeb0rn I'm proud of offer to the vistors of the ability to switch the "style" of this site :) Currently there are 3 styles to choose from a pale green, a dark grey, and the original. If you are interested in creating a new style, feel free to download the style sheets (here, here , and here) and tweak them to your liking. Then just send um to me and I'll be more then happy to add it to the style switcher.

In other site updates:
- Added chatbox history (see bottom of chatbox)
- Added a page number listing at the top of each browse category.
* Now you can see what page you're on and easily skip the previous/next pages and the beginning or end.
- Updated the chatbox [] parsing
* parses for http:// links not in [URL] tags
* wraps words larger then 20 characters
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A Little Unscheduled Downtime 2003-08-21 18:18:47
For the last hour or so has been down due to a power outage in my neighborhood. Sorry for any inconvience, we are back and operating normally (well, as normal as it get's around here.) One of there days I will buy that UPS I keep staring at....
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