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And the award goes to... 2003-11-17 15:24:20
snkmchnb for uploading screenshot #500! A nice screenshot/style of everyone's favorite Internet characters theHomeStar Runner crew.

It's been almost 3 months since screenshot number 250, almost 2 years since this site was launched, and we are working on the 3rd revision of the site (and still no preview function). Lots has happened in the community in this time:

We've seen the birth of 2 branches to the BB4Win family, we've seen the coming, going, returning of many fine developers, we've seen the closing of one of the most prominent sites for *box, but through everything I've seen a community that is strong and close-nit. We, the administrators of *, would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this site with screenshots, styles, and administrative help. We would like to thank everyone for making this a beautiful and fun community. And we'd like to thank all those (ex-)developers, (ex-)website maintainers, and people who just help out for helping to make this such an exciting community to be a part of.
Comments: 5   by: Tres`ni

And the gavel lands 2003-11-12 18:08:24
Some of you have commented on the situation with auto and Saligia about this screenshot. Well, I got in touch with one of the admin at DeviantArt, namely dygel of the Policy Violation Support Team in reference to all this. We had a nice little chat on IRC and this is what was said.

[17:40] <Tres`ni> Hi, I'm the administrator of
[17:41] <Tres`ni> One of my users posted a screenshots where his wallpaper was a picture submitted to deviant art
[17:41] <Tres`ni> (Just a sec I'll get ya a link)
[17:41] <Tres`ni>
[17:42] <Tres`ni> Now, if ya read the comments, the original author seems to be taking offense that auto used the author's image in his screenshot
[17:42] <Tres`ni> I'm just trying to make sure that auto has done nothing wrong, and also, what the DA stance on this type of stuff is
[17:43] <dygel> We don't have a stance. This is a non-issue.
[17:43] <Tres`ni> How so?
[17:43] <dygel> Desktop Screenshosts are covered by fair use.
[17:43] <dygel> So, the permission issue is a non-issue.
[17:44] <dygel> auto's fine.
[17:45] <Tres`ni> One more question, (sorry if I'm being a pain) if auto had uploaded the wallpaper would this be differant story?
[17:46] <dygel> It would be different story, yes.
[17:46] <dygel> Redistribution of another's copyrighted work is a non-trivial issue.
[17:47] <dygel> However, since the case in question only involves a desktop screenshot, it's analogous to, say, taking a picture of the inside of someone's house.
[17:47] <dygel> Technically, you're redistributing the art on their wall, but it's not a picture made for that purpose.
[17:48] <dygel> The simplest thing to do would be allow links to where the themes were posted.

So, in conclusion, feel free to upload screenshots, even if the wallpaper is not of your making and you don't have permission. And style authors, if you use someone else's wallpaper, don't offer it for download on your site, but instead, link to the site where the wallpaper is distributed.
Comments: 4   by: Tres`ni

BBWinSkin and New 2003-11-06 20:19:04
Well folks the day of reckoning has arrived. BBWinSkin has offically been released today. To celebrate this momentous occasion has a new theme/design, done by myself. It looks good :)
anyways back to BBWinskin

Ok you ravenous souls you. You know you wanted it, you know we slaved over it, and god knows you begged for it. BBWinSkin is here for all your sexual pleasures. Ironhead started it. Mortar and Qwilk made it work. And Uzer finished it, along with squashing many bugs along the way. We are far from done with this project, but as it stands now, the BBWinSkin and BB4Win development teams feel the time has come for you the user to help us beta test our pretty little skinner.

In turn there are a few issues with the BBHook.dll, you must unload it prior to loading BBWinSkin (BBHook is the module that allows us to roll up our windows when we double click our titlebars) Also a big congratulations to uzer, Mortar, NC-17, qwilk, ironhead, or else this project may never been started

Also please welcome Motar and uzer to the BB4Win Dev team. For more info and BBWinSkin please check out the story link.
Comments: 3 story link by: Jesterace

Object Oriented SDK for BB4Win 2003-11-05 19:33:15
Mortar has released a new OO SDK for BB4Win. Here's words from the man himself...

"Mostly OO SDK. Let me know if you have any problems. Enjoy ;)"

So if you're a plugin developer or want to maybe start creating plugins for BB4Win/Xoblite grab a copy here. Please Note these are just barebones for plugins, also if slit support is requested enough Mortar will add it.
Comments: 0   by: Jesterace

Bluebox 0.50 Release Date 2003-11-05 14:48:17
SowWn has announced in that the set date for Bluebox 0.50 is set for November 10th. So keep your eyes peeled.
Comments: 0 story link by: Jesterace

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