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updated bbdocs 2003-12-09 08:12:30
ok.. after some people keep asking for updated versions of bbdocs that have all the information with the newer releases, i have uploaded them to my site. click on bb docs of course to get there. soon the layout will be updated and bb docs will fit the rest of the site, as well as be able to get back to the main portion of the site via link.
Comments: 4 story link by: snkmchnb

12/07/2003 build. 2003-12-08 09:24:16
A new nightly has been posted that fixes the issue of bb4win closing when you pressed the Win key alone.
Also the new nightly adds currentOnly and followActive windows again.
Grab it here here.
Comments: 0   by: Jesterace

In Latest News... 2003-12-04 11:44:45
Menu navigation via keyboard is now a reality and not some myth, that even myself thought we already had it implemented :P. Guess I just never used my keyboard for my menu before. Anyways it's included in the latest nightly.
Also fixed -
DelMenu fix, now you can't keep opening the same menu over and over...

You can grab it here
Comments: 0   by: Jesterace

Site Update 2003-11-25 18:57:44
Ok I noticed Auto is using flux box so I added a *nix Variant option for selecting what version you are using. Just state in the description which variant you're using. Hehe it'd be alot of stuff to put just to put the most common *box wm's on the submit page :P
Comments: 15   by: Jesterace

Life Made Easy 2003-11-22 17:34:24
Just posted the info to the Forums, right about there actually. I wrote a little utility that should make some people's lives easier. It's called BBController, it's a command line utility that will allow you to seemlessly execute differant "hidden" commands in BB4Win (and hopefully xoblite and BBLean as well, though not tested :D ) All the information you need should be in that post.

In other wonderous news, Fatman has posted BBShelf 0.7. Still very much a beta release, it does now actually show icons and apparently allow limited interaction (read clickin on) of the icons. Hey, this is an awesome start and I can't wait to see more of what will be going into BBShelf! Fatman does note that he will be concentrating on school studies for the next little while and has little time to dedicate to BB coding. We wish Fatman the best of luck at his studies, and await the next release of BBShelf :)

And in not so wonderous news, Bluebox's site is down at the moment. I got in contact with nivenh and he said they are moving servers and it should be resolved "soon", just some glitches that need worked out. We will let you know as soon as we hear anything.
Comments: 3   by: Tres`ni

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