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Style Standards 2004-02-06 16:25:49
Ripped with permission from nivenh:

"I've prodded some other shell authors to team up with me on this and come to some common ground.

Essentially its a real hassle to associate Blackbox styles with an editor, and perform other shell integration features.

By using the new ".style" file extension on Blackbox styles we are confident that it will make things easier on end-users to manage and deal with styles in the manner in which they chose.

In the end, it will be easier for everyone to manage styles.

On that note, please save styles with a ".style" extension from now on, and should you decide you want to rename your entire collection at once, please download this StyleRenamer. It can rename a single file, an entire directory, and with a -r switch, any subdirectories from where you specify."

I will be posting an updated nightly very soon, which will remove .style extensions from styles in your styles menus in bb4win to keep things looking nice :)

Comments: 7 story link by: NC-17

BBInterface 0.9.5 2004-02-03 11:00:44
A new version released yesterday. Check out the forum thread
for more information. Download the plugin here.

New in 0.9.5:
- Command line arguments
- Image agents allow pictures on buttons and labels and frames
- Bitmap images (with Magic Pink (255,0,255) transparency support in windows 2000/xp)
- Icon images
- TGA images (32bpp, uncompressed images, alpha works only on windows 2000/xp)
- Frames can have captions and title bars
- New agent to send system and shell messages (shutdown stuff, workspace stuff, etc)
- Some architecture improvements
- Many little bug fixes
- Many little improvements I can't remember
- String settings in menu (with MakeMenuItemString)
Comments: 1   by: necroboi

Who needs a window? 2004-01-31 20:49:29
BBWeather 2 is now available from Fatman. Lots of changes including being able to have multiple weather monitors. The infamous file locking bug is gone. And lots of other goodness.

Here's your list of changes ripped straight from the help file:

Multiple windows!
Real slit support this time
Text inherits style face
Stomped file locking bug
New all-in-one update process
Alt-drag resizes window instead of Shift-drag
"formatString" changed to "format"
Smart menus in slit
Bro@m window identification
Updated docs
Basis for new features in place
Fitter, meaner code
And more!
Comments: 4   by: Tres`ni

BBWinSkin 1.1 2004-01-23 16:55:52
Another release for all you WinSkin lovers. uzer told me about this a little while ago and then I forgot till I checked out Blizzle and there it was.. Oppsy!

Changes are:
* Bugfixes Galore!
* Titlebar spanning
* Button styles including original, *nix, fluxbox and bluebox
* Shift + DoubleClick Binding
* Easier Menu Configuration

Download this latest release here!
Comments: 2   by: Tres`ni

BBinterface released! 2004-01-22 14:07:33
check it out... to many features to list but basically it allows you to design/add buttons, sliders static text labels etc adding to the interface.

download here

loosescrews thread here
Comments: 1 story link by: sicle9

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