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Bluebox Updates 2003-11-04 19:41:10
News from the Bluebox .5 Front. SowWn has posted an update at CodeDump outlining the current state of Bluebox .5 saying:

-Core Replaced with ATLx
-Nivenh fixed a few issues lingering in the bluebox core.
-Nivenh fixed a few issues with old slit apps.
-Bdde slit app abandoned for MS-style dde server (now built into core).
-Nivenh updated a few small things in bsystray.
-Nivenh spent some time making BWM kick ass. (much better now)
-I added runtime dynamic start menu generation
-I updated the default menu generators to support all the new features.

There are apparently a few bugs that still need to be worked out, though no exacts. SowWn comments that he has been running the test builds for a few weeks now "successfully". There is no update as to when Bluebox .5 will be released. Just keep watching Bluebox and CodeDump.
Comments: 0   by: Tres`ni

Site Updates 2003-11-03 14:25:56
Increased the New Screenshots shown to 8. Screenshots would go bye so fast the we weren't getting to see some of the cool ones.
Also increased each "browse screenshots" page to 16 images instead of 12.
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BB4Win Plugin Updates 2003-11-01 19:47:14
At the behest of BB4Win community I have made some updates to a couple of my plugins.
Broambox has been updated to fix the slit support. Be forewarned, it has some odd painting behavoir in the Slit if the Slit has transparency applied. The cause is unknown to me, and at the moment I'm not really interested in figuring it out. The source is in the zip file so feel free to prod around if you want :)
BBSlit (which only works with Nightlies or BBLean) has also been updated to natively support transparency. In your extenstions.rc just add blackbox.slit.alpha: 255 Changing the 255 to any value between 0 (completely transparent) and 255 (completely opaque).
So I'm a lair alright :-P
Comments: 4   by: Tres`ni

A new dawn for Bluebox 2003-10-28 20:11:20
If you haven't looked at the bluebox site lately you might be pleasently suprised. Seems that Bluebox 0.5 is going to be coming out soon. You can find more information over at Points of interest:

  • Nivenh is back!

  • All code will be public, but only devs can check into CVS

  • By all code, that include BWM

SowWn plans to post a build soon, so stay tuned!
Comments: 7   by: Tres`ni

BBSlider ?eta 2003-10-25 13:52:20
As ripped from the Loose-Screws Forums:

New beta has arrived, released [sic] here exclusively.

Please post bug reports here, or mail me at If most people report that it's good, I'll send out a formal release note early next week.

Download the beta here [ed. Download changed to a provided mirror].

! This version makes ALL configuration settings available via the menus, so you should never have to edit the .rc file.
+ added ability to make slider vertical
+ added ability to create multiple sliders
+ added UI to create/delete sliders
+ added UI to resize/move/adjust with arrow keys
+ added ability to save/restore settings from menu
+ CTRL+drag now moves the slider
+ Can now control Bass, Treble, and Fader controls if supported by your sound card
- Position lock now removed, no longer necessary
- Removed behavior where an unset slider would popup a menu on left click
~ fixed a bug which caused slider not to recieve messages until mixer was reset
~ fixed a bug which caused bbslider not to reconfigure properly
~ fixed a bug where sliders would spew output to the toolbar
~ improved size-checking code
~ improved configuration handling code
Comments: 2   by: Tres`ni

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