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BBTrans Released 2003-06-03 00:46:02
For all the people who have had problems with Transparent v2 then here's a special treat for you. BBTrans 0.3 [cricket] is a replacement plugin that supports transparenct for the Toolbar and BB4Win menus. It can also add alpha transparencies to any window you can put your mouse over. All this and it even has bro@m support for key bindings. What more could ya ask for? Make sure to read the included BBTrans.html file as it will explain setup and what not.

[ed. Download has been moved to the servers]
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Updated Plugin List for BB4Win 2003-06-01 13:38:30
The elusive qwilk has updated the BB4Win/xoblite page, including updates to the plugin list showing which plugins are compatible with what.

Wait, you haven't heard of xoblite? Interesting.. This is qwilk's BB4Win "branch" that keeps the integrated Systembar and now has an integrated Slit (meaning they aren't plugins). Also it uses a slim downed version of the BB4Win API, so not all BB4Win plugins work with xoblite, most do though. xoblite has not been released yet, keep checking back here and the xoblite site for future announcements.
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BB4Win Modifications 2003-06-01 13:30:13
bladestaylor has been doing some moding to the latest nightlies and also .82 to bring some nifty new features to all the BB4Win users out there.
First up we have BBSystemBarEx, an "expanded" version of BBSystemBar. This new plugin contains transparency support, the ability to hide unused icons (sorta Windows XP stylie, but a little differant :), ability to not display tooltips, the ability to set icon sizes., and lots of other cool stuff! Go check it out!

We also have builds of the latest nightly and .82 that contain native transparency support! Avaiable here.
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Hotlinking to Images 2003-05-30 13:13:52
Just a heads up that I have disabled hotlinking to all images on this server. I've been getting a lot of invalid image requests from servers that are still trying to access the old page. Also I've run into a problem with sites that are hotlinking screenshots without linking back to this site in any way or acknowledging who is hosting the image they are using. All of this kills my personal bandwidth and frankly that's not acceptable.

An appropriate link to a screenshot on this site should be a link to the screenshot's info page:
Where the # sign is the screenshot's id number (check your address bar for it as it's not printed anywhere on the page.) I apologize for any inconvience this may cause, but I have no other alternatives at this point.
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grischka! 2003-05-25 11:44:18
Some updates from grischka it looks like:
BBRightClick , the little known Right Click Menu replacement module for BB4Win, has been updated with support for enviromental variables and a couple bug fixes!
BB008LC, the lean & clean bb4win as he calls it, has also been updated with some code cleanup and of course bug fixes.
And lastly, we have "o o o", some "lean" sounds for BBSoundFX. You will find these on the BBRightClick or the BB008LC page.
Sweet Jebus!
Story Link for grischka's site (where the downloads are ;)
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