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New Release: Fluxbox-1.3.2 2011-10-30 05:36:46
According the 'paultag' - Fluxbox Developer - a totally new release of Fluxbox-1.3.2 is out.

As, paultag is also, a Debian Developer and Maintainer for Fluxbox, the new version should be released to Debian's Sid (unstable) branch and there is a PPA available for Ubuntu (and all Ubuntu-derivitives)

The file for Fluxbox-1.3.2 is already available for download.
Comments: 0   by: vrkalak

BBClean-XZ Released, Works On Windows 7 2011-10-25 00:10:00
XZero450 released his customized BBClean for public use. It has some features not used before, since – as XZero450 himself puts it – “never made it into the public releases because they were unpolished, untested, or were incomplete by my standards. Some were rejected by noccy who at the time was in charge of the development”. BBClean-XZ works perfectly well under Windows 7 and comes in a full package including, among other things, a customized bbleanskin. According to XZero450, bbleanskin “has some tweaks and changes. The major one that comes to mind is that it unrolls all the windows that have been rolled up. This is because I had issues with certain applications remembering that size and thus were no bigger than the titlebar the next time they were started. This will cause Blackbox to take a little longer to shutdown depending on the amount of windows skinned”. There is also a new SystemBarEx version, the plugin XZero “inherited” from Slade Taylor and enriched with various features. Like he says, “it’s only slightly different than the public release”.
BBClean-XZ is now one of the two Blackbox flavors with new characteristics, like split gradients, that perform perfectly well under Windows 7, the other being Xoblite RC3-4. Get it from
Comments: 5   by: Pitkon

BBClean-NG Back In Business! 2011-10-15 02:10:53
Yes, it’s been a long time, but Noccy is back and is reviving his BBClean version, the promising NG build. Let’s hear it from the man himself, as posted on his bbclean.wordpress blog:
“It’s been a while since I have updated this blog, but it’s about time. The reason is as I have written earlier that I am currently using Linux rather than Windows, and thus development of a Windows shell is a bit far off for me.
However… I have been approached by Pitkon and asked to join in and help bring bb4win back on the map, and the way I can imagine doing this is by picking up bbClean-ng again, pretty much where I left off. This includes making it compile natively on both Windows and Linux, by abstracting the API enough to allow for native code to do the magic voodoo while the actual shell is oblivious about what is underneath. Creating this bridge could help unite the *boxes and take the concept to the next level.
The only thing that is working against me there is the fact that Xfce is awesome enough to use and enjoy. But then again, writing a cross platform shell/wm is definitely a challenge worth taking on.”
Let’s all give him a hand over at
Comments: 0   by: Pitkon

A Blackbox Group On DeviantART 2011-10-12 23:55:06
DeviantART has now a group of Blackbox users (Windows and Linux) that welcomes styles, themes, screenshots, 3dcc configurations, wallpapers, icons and anything BB-oriented. Its name is Blackbox Desktop and welcomes all Blackbox users and artists. If you want to join, you must first become a DeviantART member and then a BD group member at
Comments: 0   by: Pitkon

Xoblite bb4 Just Around The Corner 2011-10-01 00:02:37
Qwilk presented the new Xoblite bb4 nightly build (RC 3) just the other day which works perfectly well under Windows 7, either run on top of Explorer or as a shell. Believe me, I tried it in both states and it works flawlessly.
New features include:
- The xoblite desktop can now be disabled if running e.g. on top of Explorer in Windows 7:
xoblite.desktop.disable: in xoblite.rc/extensions.rc (global setting)
- Enables the user to mix *box core elements, plugins etc with regular Explorer elements,
e.g. the xoblite toolbar at BottomCenter and the Explorer taskbar on the right... 8)
- Tip: The console can be used as a "mini-desktop" for mouse clicks and drag'n'drop of files in this mode
- Note that this setting is read only when xoblite is launched (i.e. not re-read on restart etc)
There are some issues with plugins (like bbinterface) but surely qwilk will get around to that in time.
Get it from .Screenshot at Comments at
Comments: 15   by: Pitkon

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